Sustainable silk

A thread that embraces the environment

Silk is more and more a sustainable material. Not only is it recyclable and reusable but - from mulberry growing to twisting - the impact of its processes on the atmosphere keeps lowering.
Furthermore, its production contributes to reducing pollution from plastic microfibers, typically linked to synthetic fabrics.

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Let's talk about silk
Como, sustainable city of silk
A new filter to tell the history of the Museum.

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The bitter life
Life in the spinning mill: sweat, burning and child labor in the Lombard spinning mills

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Water and sustainability
Availability and sustainable management of water

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Once upon a time there was silk
Brief historical dictionary of silk in the age in which durability and sustainability were just lightly touched by the industry

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Sustainability of silk: what does the concept of sustainability actually mean within the textile world? Can silk be considered a sustainable fiber?

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Museo della Seta, a sustainability heritage
The museum where the history of silk lives

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They talk about silk
Giovanna Baglio - President of the Museo della Seta di Como
What does it mean to be sustainable, today, in the silk textile supply chain?
Sustainability is an agreement. But with whom?
And again... "sustainability" or "durability", as the French say?
Let’s talk about it with the President Giovanna Baglio
Maurizio Moscatelli - President of the Consorzio dell'Acquedotto Industriale del Lago di Como
Water and tectile sustainability
Sustainability is a pact aimed at preserving our planet for the next generations. In such a scenario, water is a precious witness to be preserved and handed down
Giorgio Mondelli - Chemical expert and head of dyeing for many companies in the Como area
How the concept of textile sustainability has changed
Silk. Beauty. Fatigue.
Let's get in depth with those who worked silk when sustainability was just a cost item. And therefore to be eliminated
Costanza Ferrarini - Focal point for "Como Città Creativa UNESCO"
Como UNESCO creative (silk) city
You will have already heard of this important milestone from newspapers, TV, etc. But what does it really mean to be a "creative city" and a "sustainable city"?
Roberto Peverelli - Director of the "Paolo Carcano" Institute of Como
The new generations and sustainability
The "Paolo Carcano" of Como - which many keep calling, simply, the "Setificio" is not only the oldest Italian textile school but is also among the first to have included sustainability in the subjects of study
Guido Tettamanti - Secretary of the italian silk office
Silk and sustainability
A journey into the silk supply chain and its attention to sustainability through the words of those who make silk...