Museo della Seta, a sustainability heritage

The museum where the history of silk lives

Here I am, after having found myself, unknowingly, part of a small world that has turned out to be a heritage of infinite resources: the Museo della Seta di Como (Como silk museum).

A small treasure chest that contains wonderful and precious treasures, both tangible and intangible.

Its rooms is where the story of the Como textile companies, of the entrepreneurs and of the men who have built the history of the city since the end of the 19th century is told.
With perseverance and commitment, its archival heritage has been increasingly enriched over the years and made available to the public.
Alongside teaching, its main purpose since the inception, the Museum aims to stimulate attention with creativity paths that constitute the heart of development and knowledge. This happens by highlighting the contamination between art and silk, achieved through important exhibitions, such as those of Bruno Luzzani, Manlio Rho and Alvaro Molteni just to name a few.

Here the public finds machines and work tools and is able to touch the fatigue and sweat of men who have contributed to the creation and diffusion of Made in Italy in the fashion sector worldwide.

But there is more.

At the Museo della Seta it is possible to feel the textile history by the words and images projected in the rooms: a sensorial story where all the senses are encouraged to participate.

What emerge from the archives are drawings, sketches and weaving paper and historical clothing as well.
Here is where the textile heritage has found a rightful place to be preserved for the future generations.
And this happens every day with the aim of making "history live" concretely and tangibly.

The projects that most give a sign of sustainability are those in which the integration and usability of the Museum for everyone wins.
From children who enter and find a welcoming place where they can play and invent “silk stories”, to the visually impaired public who can visit its rooms through an orientation path facilitated with texts in Braille.
The Museo della seta aims to give space to young artists and students to showcase their works or to study using Penelope's classroom.
Furthermore, young people will be stimulated to visit the Museum through immersive and augmented reality technologies designed to involve and convey the participation to the most fragile and difficult to reach segments of the population.
The use of 3D technology can facilitate, through the transmission of technical skills, the insertion into the world of work for any user group.

Therefore, a place of meeting and dissemination of knowledge and never a dark place despite the 2020.
Each initiative was created in order to bring wealth and added value to a piece of the path that the public takes within the Museum.

We must continue to encourage all this, because the house of culture is where sustainability lives (and vice versa).

Giovanna Baglio
Presidente dell’Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como

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