White route
The museum told

The silk museum has around 10 free audio guides in Italian, English and French lasting approximately 40' which illustrate, along the route, the phases of processing and the textile supply chain. The museum has numerous historical films and multimedia installations that allow the visitor an immersive and unique experience.

Yellow route
The perfume museum

Along the historic rooms it is possible to be surprised by the numerous olfactory stations that interpret the smells, essences and colors of the exhibits on display. Project financed with resources from the PNRR, European Union - NextGenerationEU.

Green route
The museum of gestures

In every room the museum is told through short but comprehensive videos in LIS - Italian sign language to make the visit easier for everyone. The museum staff has followed a LIS and Deafness awareness course: for all your needs, ask at the ticket office. Project financed with resources from the PNRR, European Union - NextGenerationEU.

Blue route
The gaming museum

At the ticket office is a free web app can be downloaded that will take you to discover silk through an intriguing series of games and questions: follow Greta as she discovers silk and don't forget that, if you want, continue the visit to the Ghisallo Museum and the Larian Boat Museum . Free Wi-Fi in all rooms. project "By the lake and by land (along a silk thread) supported by the 2021 Call for CULTURE of the Cariplo Foundation.

Black route
The museum of touch

In each room there is a tactile and braille table which illustrates the phases of the entire supply chain; furthermore, a panel with a welcome text in braille is easily identifiable at the entrance and along the access path At the entrance there is a braille ribbon that tells the historical evolution of silk in the world and in the Como area. The museum is equipped with radio beacons and a LETIsmart radio beacon system that communicate with the white stick in LoRA technology, the most recent and evolved. Project financed with resources from the PNRR, European Union - NextGenerationEU

A visit to the museum through 10 rooms (LIS Video)

Virtual Tour