Cenacolo Vinciano

This 2019 is the Year of Leonardo and we would like to celebrate it together in a special way, telling the story of the famous fresco of the Last Supper, a work that we all know but that hides mysterious historical aspects.
Paolo Aquilini will bring us on a journey through time revealing the mysterious steps that led to the reproduction,
since1930, of the Cenacolo Vinciano of the Setificio Alumni, with the Jacquard frame still working.
During the presentation, Alessandro Ventimiglia and Mauro Puzzo will highlight the technical aspects of the historical Ruti loom dated 1903.

A conversation with Paolo Aquilini, Francesco Ceccherelli, Mauro Puzzo e Alessandro Ventimiglia

Thursday 10 October 2019
Silk Museum Via Castelnuovo 9

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