01/01/2010 - 01/01/2010


It was the 4th October 1990 when the associations Amici del 1927 and Associazione Ex Allievi del Setificio presented an initiative waited for so long. In fact, an article in the issue of the 19th-20th  March 1922 of the newspaper La Provincia di Como talked about the foundation of a silk museum, whereas the Museum as we know it was born only 60 years later. The original idea was to create a museum where it was possible “for everyone, students and silk makers” to know about the art of silk “every day, every minute. The best school teaching beauty, variety and grandeur”.

Today, after 20 years, the Educational Silk Museum has finally become “that world displayed in a window” predicted by Professor Pinchetti of Setificio Silk School in 1907; one hour at the Museum represents a full immersion into many centuries of culture which is accessible to everybody. Many things have evolved through the years: the educational offer has improved a lot, the exhibition rooms have changed and the contents are becoming richer and richer, but its original project is kept unchanged.