12/10/2006 - 12/10/2006

'Il Punto Antico Aquilano' and the works of Lombardy schools

The Educational Silk Museum, in association with “Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo – L’Aquila” and “Accademia Merletti di Cantù”, organises an exhibition which is part of the five-year project “Dalla seta al fusello – Viaggio nei merletti italiani”.
The historical section is dedicated to laces coming from “Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo – L’Aquila”, mainly made of silk.
The modern section shows the works (mainly in silk) of Lombardy bobbin lace schools.
A two-day stage is organised at the Museum with teacher Rita Fattore from L’Aquila on 21st and 22nd September.