14/04/2005 - 14/04/2005

Intrecci tra immagini e colori

This time on display, 80 photos taken by Elisabetta Tomaselli Dotti during her travels all around the world; the Museum hosts a special exhibition on both photos and traditional fabrics collected by the artist and representing different cultures and lifestyles.
Elisabetta Tomaselli Dotti is famous in the textile industry  to be a textile designer: she captures images and photos all over the world and uses them as a source of inspiration.
Such exhibition is unique, because it combines photos of everyday life in distant countries with traditional fabrics and expresses the feeling of joy which is typical of many populations.
Moreover, they are exhibited in the Museum rooms: on the one hand, it is possible to admire the wonderful machines and devices of the Museum permanent exposition and, on the other hand, the photos and fabrics of the temporary exhibition.