25/10/2002 - 25/10/2002

Bellotti Foulards – Gusto, tecnica, successo di un converter comasco

The Museum documents the evolution of fashion from the 1940s to the 1980s thanks to the exhibition of 100 of the 2500 foulards belonging to Bellotti collection, donated to “Setificio” school by the heirs of Piero Bellotti.
Some enthusiast students from “Setificio” school have made wonderful creations by using the foulards as a source of inspiration and, finally, their works are exhibited beside the original ones.
“More than ten years have passed, and still the Educational Silk Museum continues with its important mission: on the one hand, its everyday activity and its relations with the increasing number of visitors approaching the fascinating silk world; on the other hand, the organisation of many exhibitions revolving around important themes concerning silk production.
The multi-faceted reality of creativity and work is made clear on this special occasion through the exhibition of some of the best items of Bellotti collection, donated to “Paolo Carcano” silk school by the heirs of Piero Bellotti.
Moreover, the most interesting part of the exhibition is represented by the strong cooperation between two institutions preserving the textile tradition in Como.
In fact, the exhibition was prepared and integrated  by utilising Bellotti foulards with educational purposes. As a result, in the rooms of the Educational Silk Museum it is possible to admire both the elegance of the last decades and the results of present times (it is probably better to talk about the “future”, as we are talking about young students and their works).
Finally, we think it is the best wish for the textile world in Como: the museum becomes a school, and history becomes the future.”

Giovanni Orsenigo – President of “Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como”
Bruna Masciadri Lai – Vice President of “Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como”

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