Extraordinary opening

Extremely positive balance at the Museum on Sunday 27th March: huge attendance of people from Como, the neighbouring cities and from abroad – all together  260 visitors, and among them many children along with their families. They had the possibility to know more in depth the fascinating world of silk through the Museum rooms, the place preserving the history of Como factories where machines and objects tell more about every single phase of the precious fibre manufacturing process.

On that occasion, the Museum staff was effectively supported by the Alpines and some volunteers for the 19th edition of Giornata FAI di Primavera patronised by Regione Lombardia Cultura.

Moreover, it was also possible to visit the bobbin lace exhibition – boasting the logo of the Official Celebrations of the Italian Government – that will continue until 29th April with Sunday openings from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well.