On Friday 12th February, in a completely new way, the celebration of the sixth edition of “I will use less Light” will take place: the day of energy saving launched by the popular radio programme Caterpillar, on air on RAI Radio 2. After the success of the previous editions, with the support of thousands listeners and entire towns both in Italy and abroad, this year, the EDUCATIONAL SILK MUSEUM is participating in such initiative aiming at respecting a symbolic “energetic silence” and celebrating clean energy.

During the past years, thanks to the support of Institutions, schools, associations, enterprises and private citizens, we contributed to the spread of a higher awareness about the consequences of an indiscriminate energy consumption: the reduction of waste and the attention to alternative sources(of energy) have become familiar watchwords to our listeners. In the wake of this new sensibility it is the right moment to take a step forward with regard to the symbolic switching off in the name of energy saving and to propose a virtuous switching on dedicated to the development of renewable energies. 

In these years we learned how to save energy, now we have to learn how to produce energy in a better way and how to demand clean energy.

At this stage of technological research it is already possible to produce energy by the sun, the wind, the sea, the earth heat and by biomasses. Appealing to the inexhaustible Italian genius we invite everyone, from the students to unstable workers, from the enterprises in a critical position to local administrations, to adopt green economy using a clean system to switch on all the lights on 12th February 2010. The aim is double: from one hand to verify personally that the technologies available at the moment are effective and represent a realistic alternative, from the other hand to encourage renewable energies and to develop a model of sustainable economy.

In the lightless square of the whole Italy “virtuous lights”  powered by renewable energy will be turned on and creative demonstrations of smart consumption will take place to evidence the passage from an already collapsed system to a “more enlightened” management of our future.  To describe this party of clean energy, on 12th February Caterpillar  will exceptionally be on air from Mercati Traianei in Rome, involving citizens, schools and associations in an exhibition of fine, creative and clean light, projected for the occasion, with a strictly zero impact final concert.

The campaign of I will use less Light will go on from 4th January to 12th February voicing the tales of the most interesting and innovative ideas to produce and  distribute energy in a clean, responsible and sustainable way. A clean energy torch will travel through Italy, as it happens for the Olympic torch, in search of renewable sources  furnishing points, until it will come to Rome and “light” the party of 12thFebruary. On the site  HYPERLINK “http://www.caterpillar.rai.it” www.caterpillar.rai.it  it will be possible to subscribe one’s own adhesion and to find all the materials to spread the initiative thorough working sites, schools and cities.