03/03/2018 - 03/03/2018

Mercante in Fiera - Parma

3-11 March 2018

“Blu di Genova”

The Silk Museum of Como takes part in such a unique event, the most important appointment offering the exhibitors the opportunity to propose their own modern, antiques and collectables collections both to the operators and the  public at large, including architects, designers and celebrities as well.

The origins of an Italian story that crossed national boundaries to become a legend, transforming itself from blue of Genoa to blue-jeans. Find out how this fabric was produced and dyed, how it was used, how many times it was found in great art and Italian cultural life before becoming the property of the whole world. A journey among textiles materials, vegetable dyes, documents, ancient prints and unexpected pieces to understand the origins of a fabric that has revolutionized everybody’s way of life.

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