28/09/2007 - 28/09/2007

‘Gorizia Lace’ and the works of Lombardy schools

The Educational Silk Museum, in association with “Scuola dei Corsi Merletti di Gorizia” and “Accademia Merletti di Cantù”, organises an exhibition which is part of the five-year project “Dalla seta al fusello – Viaggio nei merletti italiani”.
The historical section is dedicated to ‘Gorizia’ bobbin lace, which is traditionally made of silk. The modern section shows the works (mainly in silk) of Lombardy bobbin lace schools.
A two-day stage is organised at the Museum with teachers Ines Macaro and Rosita D’Ercoli from “Scuola dei Corsi Merletti di Gorizia”.